Week 2 – Game Storyboards


Title : Treasure Hunt

Platform: PC and Web (Flash game)

Game controls:  Using the mouse (point and click) to navigate through the game and to collect some items.

Target audience: Puzzle and adventure game targeted to people aged 8 and over.

Main objective of the game: The aim is to navigate through a series of rooms in a house, to piece together all six pieces of the map which shows the location of the hidden treasure. Also the treasure is locked in a chest, and the player needs to find three key pieces hidden within the walls of the house. After collecting all key and map pieces, user can open the treasure and win first level.

Position of the scene within the game: Introduction and Level 1



How successful were you in conveying the scene through imagery?

even though my drawings aren’t perfect, but with a little help and feedback from my friends and family, i can see they understand how to play the game. And with the description, they were able to get a clearer overview of what’s happening in each scene

How successful were you in combining the action of the scene with the actions of the player?

It’s a really simple game to play, and It was easy to combine the action of the scene with the action of the player, All the player needs to do is to point and click with the mouse to drag, drop and collect some items.


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TutoTOONS Support, 2015, ‘Storyboard / Game Design Document‘: https://tutotoons.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/203496022-Storyboard-Game-Design-Document



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