Week 5 – Simulation

level 1level 2level 3


Game Environment Simulation. I designed 3 simple levels for a puzzle game, where the player needs to guide the cube to the exit before the time ends.

You can see in the first level it’s simple and easy to solve where in level 2 and 3 the game slightly starts to be more complex, the exit doors are upside down, there’s also several doors that the player can enter and each door leads to a different door or place but the player doesn’t know where each door leads to.

Some exit are with upside down doors and stairs, so the player need to collect and find the red cubes that provide (the player) the cube with the temporary ability to move upside down only if the player clicked on the clock in the top of the screen. And by dragging the cube up, down, left and right the player can make the cube move and climb over steps.

The cube flash white to signal that it’s about to return to normal colour which means it can’t move  with the upside down ability any longer. If the time ended before the player find the exit or if the cube fell off the platforms, a life is lost. When all lives have been lost, the game ends.


Describe the target audience for your narrative

This game is for the iOS and Android devices. The target audience are kids/teenagers aged between 8-16, for both male and female in equal numbers who likes puzzle games.

Identify the activities offered by your narrative, and whether they are suited to your audience.

Each level has a different stairs/platforms position and style. Interactions include moving stairs and platforms. It’s a simple and easy game that has a lot of creativity i think it’s suitable for teenagers and kids.



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