Week 4 – Narrative Outline and Flowchart



Act I – Setup

The Hook- Tina celebrating her 8th birthday with her mother and father. She seems really excited and happy when her father gives her a Ballet shoes for her birthday

Characters and setting-  We flash forward to see Tina as young ballerina, dancing ballet in a small studio at Landrum School of Dance. Tina returns home, her family were having dinner so she joins them. We see that Tina’s father is doctor and her mom is a professor, and has high expectations for her daughter.

The Complication- While the family were having dinner and chatting, their conversation reveals that her mother doesn’t want Tina to dance anymore, she just wants her to focus on her studies and finish high school so she can get a scholarship and go to Harvard. However we can see that Tina is really not into it.

Plot Point #1-  At the School of Dance, Tina meets a dancer named Ally which happened to be the most popular girl in her High School as well. Tina and Ally have a conversation about her life and family.Then Tina realise that in order to pursue her dream she must dash her own mother’s hopes.

Act II – Conflict

First Part- Back at the Dance Studio, Tina is dancing. Suddenly, one of the best and most famous coaches at the dance school breaks inside and Tina becomes horrified of her. She order Tina to continue, so she resumes dancing. And then the coach inform Tina that she will join the group that she train for The World Ballet Competition. Ally seems a little bit worried when Tina tells her she joined the same group with her. But Tina was happy, she believes it’s one step closer to achieve her dream and be in the competition

Midpoint- After the first day of training Tina realises that it wasn’t just like any normal ballet practicing, The coach train her student to the point of total physical and mental exhaustion. The coach yells and even hit the students, but no one is complaining about her they believe she does it for a reason, and it’s for their own good and they will be a better dancers. Tina wasn’t planning on going for the second day of practice, but changed her mind, because she knows that training with her coach is the only way to achieve her goal and be in the competition. So she keeps training hard, working out at the gym, doing ballet until she couldn’t feel her feet, she’s hurting herself without even realising.

Second Part: Two days before the competition, and the final day of training. The coach will decide who will actually be in the competition. Ally convince Tina that she needs new shoes because the one she’s wearing are really old, So Ally buys new ballet shoes for Tina. Thinking that Ally is being generous and supportive, and wants Tina to do well, she accepts the gift. However during the practice, Tina falls and the new shoes cause major trouble to her feet.

Plot Point 2  A girl asks Tina about her new shoes and tells her that it takes at least 12 days to break them in. Tina figures that Ally must have done that to make her lose the final practice. With her feet injured, she is unable to practice and dance. After that, The coach says to her that she is done and replace her with Ally. Tina attacks Ally and The coach in front of the class.

Act III – Resolution

Recovery- Realising she is now alone, Tina goes home and apologies to her family and friends.

Showdown-  Her mom has realised how much Tina loves dancing, so the next morning her mom manages to convince the man who’s in charge for the competition to let Tina dance in the 10 minutes break between each contestant. Her class and Ally were surprised watching her dancing, however Tina didn’t care she’s not in the competition anymore she was enjoying every moment of her dance.

Growth of the Hero-  Tina learned that it doesn’t matter what she gets by achieving her dreams, what important is what she becomes and to always surround herself with people she loves.  


What is the premise of your narrative?

To achieve a goal you need to fight for it. Failure doesn’t matter, there’s always another way to retry.

Were you able to demonstrate the premise of your story through the conflict and resolution of your narrative?

Yes, Tina was practising day and night just to be in the dance competition. And just when she thought she’s about to achieve her dream and be in the competition, she was easily replaced. But at the end of my narrative you can see that she achieved her dream in another way and she danced in the competition even though she wasn’t one of the contestants.

What kind of narrative structure did you choose (linear, branching, multilinear, emergent, rhizome)?


Why was this structure the best choice for your narrative?

I think linear structure is easy to follow and remember for my narrative.


7 Steps to Achieve Your Dream, 2014, by Chris Widener.

It’s All a Matter of Time: Exploring Linear vs. Non-Linear Story Structure, by Amy Atwell.




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