Week 1 – Digital Narrative Analysis


Crash Bandicoot

Crash bandicoot is a platform video game made in 1996  for the playstation, and it’s non-stop action game. Developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

The character name is Crash and he crashes everything if you don’t jump in the correct time and way. He’s fast and he’s action packed. Crash must fight Dr. Neo Cortex His creator and his henchmen Doctor Nitrus Brio  in order to save Tawna, Crash’s girlfriend.

Dr. Neo Cortex has a plan to take over the world, so he creates a machine called Evolvo-Ray, this machine is capable of turning animals anthropomorphic. And he wants all the animals to do his bidding. To do so, Dr. Neo Cortex kidnaps so many animals , and Crash’s girlfriend just happens to be one of his victims.

Crash Bandicoot is The protagonist of the game, he once was kidnapped from his home by Dr.Cortex and was rejected by the machine that Dr.Cortex created, he escapes by jumping out from the window. He left Tawna and gets chased by the doctor. Crash starts his long adventure to save Tawna.

Doctor Neo Cortex is the main antagonist of the game as well as Doctor Nitrus Brio, his henchman. People hated Doctor Cortex so he made a plan to revenge against all humanity. It seemed like his plan was going well until Crash escaped.

But Doctor Cortex knows that Crash will come back to save Tawna. So he sends out all his henchmen to stop him.

Aku Aku is Crash’s best friend, He is a mask who protects him from enemies he doesn’t only follow Crash but also gives him points. Aku Aku can be found in crates with a picture of a mask on them. Once the player smash the crate, Aku Aku will be released, and the mask will protect crash from one hit. And if he break another crate while crash already have Aku Aku mask, crash will be immune to two hits from enemies (two hits of protection). If the player breaks three crates (Three Aku Aku masks) Crash will throw on the Aku Aku mask and that gives him a temporary invincibility, and then resets back to two shields. Also Aku Aku doesn’t speak in the game.

So the player in this game is a furry little bandicoot who travel to tropical jungles, Castles and Dark temples. and must travel the three islands in southeast of Australia to defeat his creator and save his girlfriend before it’s too late!


(Island 1) is N.Sanity Island and It includes 9 levels. In this island player will learn how to take control of Crash as he runs, jumps, and spins through all the 30 levels in the 3 islands. In the end of this island Crash enters the Native Fortress, then he defeats the mighty Papu Papu, chief of Natives. After his defeat the Natives are really angry and wants to hunt Crash so now Crash’s goal is to escape.

(Island 2)  In Island 2 Crash will travel up the river to a lost city, through a temple, across a bridge and then will enter the jungle where he can head to the city or to go to the native village.

(Island 3) Crash reaches to a huge Cortex Industry. He starts by sneaking through the main entrance. He confronts N. Brio and Cortex, level ends up by defeat both of them and rescue Tawna.

Luckily, Crash can find some items that help him out along the way such as :

  • Gems, it’s not easy to earn gems it’s more like a task itself to find one, to do so the player required to finish the level without dying or losing a life. Also the player needs to crash every box on the level, there might be some hidden boxes but mostly the box are easy to find. If the player missed some boxes (one or more)  you will see a screen that will show you how many boxes you missed, and then all the missed boxes will be dropped in Crash’s head. There are two kinds of gems, The white gems which considered the easy to find. And the colored gems.
  • Collecting 100 pieces of fruit gives Crash an extra life.
  • Finding the Aku Aku mask will let Crash take extra hits.

So with enough gems, life, hits, bonus levels open-up.

The most fascinating aspects of the game is its atmosphere, also the game have that really fantastic vibe. The characters are interesting and just really beautifully designed, the levels in this game are imaginative very challenging stages, also a nice soundtrack, and there’s a lot of cool surprises.


What is the purpose of the work? Evaluate how successful the narrative is in achieving its purpose.

The purpose of this Narrative Analysis is to tell the reader the story elements of Crash Bandicoot, when, why and what to do in the game, Also to show the reader the relation between the game and the story of the game. I think i achieved my purpose in this blog by giving the reader enough information about the characters, environment and the story behind the game, that the reader can visualize the game.

Who is the target audience for the work? Evaluate how engaging the narrative is for this type of audience.

This narrative is targeted to kids/teenagers aged between 10-16 years old. This game is for both male and female in equal numbers who have a medium/high experience with PC and PS. I engaged this type of audience with my narrative blog, by the way that the blog has been written, which can attract the attention of 12 years old and teenagers, also i tried to use a language that is suitable, understandable and simple for that age to read. And they can find this blog interesting and entertaining for them.


Wiki, Games FAQS, Giant bomb, Tvtropes.


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