Week 3 – Character Backstory and Visualisation

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Place of birth:  In the city of Orla

Date of birth: Unknown (Past)

Gender: Female

Sexual preference: Male

Family members: Her mother and father – were killed, Adeen – cousin, Orand –  uncle

Family relationships: She lost her family when she was 8 years old, her mother and father were killed in front of her. but all she can remember is how much she loved her parents and they loved her dearly.

Family occupation: Her father is Prince of Grey.

Family class: Royal Family

Education: Parents, until age of eight.

Personality: skilled, witty, very self-confident, sarcastic, arrogant and loyal.

Physical attributes: She has golden blonde hair, pale skin, and bright blue eyes, slim figure with attractive smooth curves.

Obstacles: She has powerful magic that she can’t control, so whenever she’s tired, angry, upset, she start to burn things around her without being able to control herself  which caused so much damage. Children avoided her, except her cousin Adeen, who was her only friend.

Challenges: Dealing with her parents death and being orphan girl. Also she was raised and trained by an assassin

Teenage years

Education: None

Occupation: She enjoys reading books, shopping and traveling.

Family relationships: Lost her family.

Allegiance: King of Asbreen and his son Rand

Other significant relationships:  Valek, the guard captain.

Obstacles and challenges:  After she earned the name of the deadliest and best assassin in the world, she end up in prison for the rest of her life, because people believe she’s dangerous now. Then after a year in prison, the prince Rand convinces her to make a deal. The deal is to join in a competition to be the king’s Champion In return for just a few years of service for him, also she will be paid really well, then she will be free. So she agrees.

Psychology: After accepting the deal , she quickly begins training with Valek to beat other contestants. She believes that one day she will be free again and go back home.

The present

Age: 20

Location: The glass castle

Professional:  Assassin

Personal: Single

Private: The only thing that she dreams and hopes is her freedom so she will do anything to get it

Obstacles and challenges: After she has won the Competition and become the king’s assassin. Now she must serve him and do his bidding. After she has won the king’s contest to become the new royal assassin. Now she needs to do the king’s bidding.

Point-of-view: She believes in fate and she wants her freedom back. but then she realises doing the king’s orders means killing her people and her own family. she knows that the man she serves is bent on evil. So now she needs to decide, her freedom or saving her people from the king? She might be forced to give up on the most precious thing to her and decide whom she will be loyal and fight for

Conflict: After she realises the truth and the real face of the king, and that he was after her parents death, she finally decide to give up on her freedom and fight the king to save her people.

Likes and dislikes: She likes food, reading books, dogs, shopping and traveling. She dislikes being lied to.


Dramatic need/goal

She wants to save her people by killing the king, and to do so she needs to find the right person to train her control her magic.


Visualise your character




What aspects of your character’s backstory are relevant to the events in your narrative?

After witnessing her parents murder and escaping from the castle when she was 8 years old, an assassin raised and trained her to become one of the best and deadliest assassin in the world, but she ended up in prison for the rest of her life, these events in the past led her to accept the prince’s deal and serve the king.

How can you integrate the important aspects of your character’s backstory into your narrative (e.g. through set design, costume, props, or transposing past events into the present situation)?

By transposing past events into the present situation.


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